Amateur Photo Props

So, I’ve actually been keeping up with bookstagram this year…holy tamales! It has been partly due to focusing on a decent schedule and partly being excited for the overall image and details. I got it into my head earlier this year that I was going to use burned pages as props for my pictures…and I did it! Whoo whoo! I bought an old book that I had zero intention to read and I tore it apart and have been using it as a prop by burning pages and creating things.

**Please don’t get mad because I bought this book just for that reason, I was really baffled by my thought as well but also it was a book that I just wouldn’t want and it didn’t look like something most of us would care for these days, and to not get attached I didn’t even read the title. Mostly because I picked a different book and read the title and was like NOPE I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.

So let’s get on with other props if you’re a total amateur as well:

  1. Books

2. Book Pages / Burn the book pages (SAFELY!!!) No seriously I did research before doing this and also I promise I am an adult. So yeah.

3. Paper flowers | This may need you to gather patience and also your craft skills, I may or may not have burned my finger a few times with hot glue.

4. Fake flowers

5. Real Flowers

6. Shoes

7. Artwork

9. Paint

10. Hat

11. Sweater (s)

12. Blanket(s)

13. Dog (or any pet willing to participate)

14. Boxes

15. Mugs

16. Glitter

17. Tea

18. Cookies

19. Cake

20. Candles

21. Yard

22. Your arm

23. Your leg

24. Socks

25. Toys


27. Pens

28. Buttons

29. Walls

30. Lights

31. Bags

32. Stuffed animals

33. Planners

34. Laptop

35. A villain

36. Chair

37. A tree

38. Glasses

39. Sword

40. Presents

41. Confetti

42. Christmas tree

43. Bird

44. Plants

45. Window

46. The sky

47. A tray

48. Hot chocolate

49. You (if you’re cool with that)

50. Vinyls

51. Sculptures

52. Phone

53. Your brother (or sister, whoever volunteers)

54. Christmas decor

55. Acorns or any other woodsy element

So if you’re a total amateur and in need of ideas, I hope you got some ideas if you’re stuck / in a rut. I’ve been really enjoying playing around with different things lately so hope you’re doing well on your bookstagram / instagram ideas. Tell me your favorite props to use and tag me on a picture that you used a prop you enjoyed. 🙂

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