2021 Reading Goals

If you look around this blog you’ll know I SUCK at keeping up with it. Second, I suck at keeping any goals I set for myself so why do I set myself up for disaster? Because I can I suppose… and because I want to be better. I genuinely INTEND to read, and then share my reading thoughts. I do. I promise I do intend to do this. I just always end up not doing it. So this year I will not set myself up…much. My new goals are to be simple as far as goals, life, and most importantly to this blog: reading. So here go my reading and blog and bookstagram goals:

  1. Rereads

This year I want to do more re-reads, not because I WANT to necessarily, but because I find myself doing it anyways so I will just keep that ball rolling. Last year I started out strong, I read things often at first, and then little by little I stopped and I honestly can’t tell you why. I did continue to read, but I didn’t catalogue it anywhere and now I honestly can’t remember what I even read last year. But I do know, I ended 2020 by re-reading some of my favorite books.Kid Lit

2. Kid lit

I LOVE children’s books. I work with small children, I am usually designated babysitter (entirely by choice and just nature I guess). So I like to know what kids like, I like to talk to them about books and stories and shows and honestly I’m practically a child myself. So I plan on keeping up better with children’s books this year.

3. Goodreads

Okay, okay, hear me out…I suck at Goodreads. I always start out saying “this is the year I’ll be good at using Goodreads” and then every year I set my reading goal on Goodreads and then two days later I try to update what I’m reading and then it puts the book on some shelf and I give up. I just always give up and I feel like it should be easier for me to use it, but here we are.

4. Blog & Bookstagram

Much like Goodreads, I suck at keeping up posting both on here and on IG. I tend to be overtaken by perfectionism. The words have to be right, the pictures have to flow. I have no ‘aesthetic’, I have spent the last few years of having this blog and IG trying so hard to find out ‘my style’ and yet it just sets me up for absolute failure. Since yet again, I start out strong just to stall while I wait for inspiration to strike and I fail endlessly. So this year, I’m just going to post. It won’t matter if it’s absolutely perfect, I didn’t start this blog with the intent to be perfect. I just wanted to share books and my thoughts about books and get people to share their thoughts with me. I just want to read and get that sweet cosy feeling of being home while reading and being in a like-minded community.

5. Variety

I want to read more varied books. I already know I like YA, and fiction, and children’s lit, but I have other less loved genres that I should really go back into. So this year, I intend to read even a little bit more historical books, maybe even a biography or two, some scientific books, etc. It’s going to be just fine friends. I won’t even say I will read X amount because then that in itself is setting myself up. I will say however, at least one book in each category shall be picked up this year.

So that’s all I have for 2021 goals. Of course this is all in the loose term of the word. I hope you all are having and continue to have a safe 2021 and I hope whatever goals you’ve set for yourselves come to fruition.



Share any bookish goals you have in the comments or find me on IG as I do answer there faster 🙂

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