Bookish Confessions

So here we go again with the whole getting to know me thing. I just wanted to share a few confessions, mostly because I don’t ever talk about these things. I never really felt comfortable sharing some of these bookish confessions because I feel like at the very least with my Infernal Devices opinion it’s the least popular opinion to have when it comes to the Cassandra Clare books. But let’s talk about my bookish weirdness.

  1. I don’t actually LIKE The Infernal Devices… and the reason why is because I started reading Cassandra Clare’s books in order of publishing. So TMI was first and I was in LOVE. I was SOOOOO pumped for TID but when I started reading I just felt like it was trying too hard. Especially Will. I just thought he was a cheap Jace knock-off and it bothered me so much. I know now that he’s probably not a Jace knock-off, and I know what happens in the third book but I just haven’t forced myself to finish the series. I know most other people prefer The Infernal Devices, which to me it’s pretty weird but again, it’s because I prefer The Mortal Instruments. I do however, acknowledge that the books and series and characters in the Shadow World get better and better, at least I do feel that now with The Dark Artifices it’s just so amazing I can’t wait for more. But yeah, there’s my confession of the Infernal Devices.

2. I didn’t get into Harry Potter until right before college and I still kick myself for overlooking it so much before that. I was scared, because when I was little I watched The Sorcerer’s Stone and the Voldemort / Quirrel thing scared the poop out of me and I just never tried again. It’s weird now because I had a friend who LOVED Harry Potter and I was very anti-Harry. And now here we are years later and I am creepily obsessed.

3. I have a cynical thing about me where I enjoy making fun of / criticizing books I enjoy and anything that has to do with them. I LOVE Harry Potter, I love so many books but I will from time to time enjoy mocking and judging things about them. I’m insane, what can I say?

4. I only blog / post about books I’ve read or at least opened up. This is mostly because otherwise I have nothing to say, and if I can’t rant about it what’s even the point?

5. I try to find at least something good to say about the books I read…but that’s mostly because i don’t WANT to constantly be negative and complain. Although sometimes it is very hard and I just might end up complaining the whole time, but who cares?

6. I legit have turned a Bookstagram leaf. I used to try to have more books involved and more variety (or I thought about it). But because most of my books are packed because of reasons. I moved across the country and I had to shove all my books into boxes…and now I only have maybe 20% of them out of their boxes so if there’s only like 5 books on rotation….the rest are in a massive box in my closet.

7. I always carry a book with me. This doesn’t mean I actually read them, but if I need a book I at least have something.

8. I sometimes genuinely FORGET about books. I will have a book I’m reading, then I get distracted with a different book and then bam, the first is gone from my memory for 500000 years.

9. Sometimes when I’m really into a book / series I end up using their dialects?? Such as when I read PJO trust me I swore on the Styx so much. Sometimes it still comes out

10. I get very, very annoyed these days (irrationally so, I know) because Anne with an E is such a trend now and everyone is in LOVE with it. Butttttt like…I can’t stand it. I am caught up. I have seen all that there is to see, buttttt like I had to make myself really really separate this from the original books. I had to force myself to just think of it as fanfiction. I am SO in love with the books and that original experience that I am personally very on edge with anticipation when I hear about something new adapting it. I get personally hurt when I feel that something doesn’t do it justice…and this show doesn’t. I have learned to appreciate some aspects but some of the more annoying bits are just SO, SO, SO BAD that I just scream a little…and my boyfriend asked so so often “did they ruin Anne again?”, “what’d they do now?” because he just doesn’t know how much I truly am personally invested in the integrity of this series.

So there’s 10 bookish confessions that I just had to get off my chest.



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