Reading Get to Know Me Q&A

I realized just how little I actually talk about myself around here…and because this is my blog, and y’know, the world must therefore revolve around me I figured I should change that. So I decided to come up with 20 questions about me and my horrid reading habits. Because I can, obviously. So here’s my facts home-skillets. Let’s go.

  1. How’d you get into reading?

I want to say it was as soon as I started actually reading. I read signs once on a trip and my teacher told me to shush…BUT thankfully I did not stop reading…just stopped reading signs out loud around that teacher. Then I started tackling anything I could get my hands on, but I remember being obsessed with writing before I started being actively into books. What was your favorite type of book to read as a child?

2. Do you have reader friends?

Yes. I have reader friends…BUTTT now like everyone’s off doing their lives and we don’t exactly coordinate our opinions anymore. So it’s sad, and now whoever you are, you get to join me on my descent to madness. Sorry about that, mate.

3. How do you feel about fan-fiction?

I have read some decent fan fiction in my day. Harry Potter mostly…and then there was a Sharkboy and Lavagirl one once upon a time. But I like reading them at times. Wouldn’t write any though.

4. Who’s your favorite animal / pet / companion in a book you’ve read?

Hedwig GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFER

Hedwig, she was far too wise and pure and I bawled in DH.

5. Name your favorite female protagonist:

Anne Shirley, all time favorite. Emma Carstairs, one of the new loves of my life.

6. Favorite male protagonist:

Gilbert Blythe is forever the love of my life. I’ve even told my boyfriend so, so it’s true. Also now I have a crazy love of Julian Blackthorn and I’m not sure that’s healthy either.

7. Least favorite protagonist:

Zoey Redbird. If you’ve seen my talks about this series that’s probably all you’ll remember.

8. Which fictional world would you most like to live in during a quarantine?

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Hogwarts, don’t judge me. I’d probably be there after Harry and Friends are long gone to avoid any near death experiences. Plus McGonagall wouldn’t let bad stuff happen, that place would actually be a place of learning for once.

9. How do you feel about negative reviews?

They’re okay. So long as it’s not malicious. I think sometimes we kind of just have to rant and let it out??? But don’t go to the author. Hell, I don’t even go to the authors for positive reviews??? If they see them then yes great, know that I love your work. Most of my reviews are pretty positive or pros vs cons type I think. But if I genuinely dislike a book I probably haven’t even finished it…there’s one book I did force myself to get through though and it’s buried deep down here somewhere…

10. Preferred point of view?

Third person. These days I think I have a lovin for third person.

11. How do you decide what book to read next?

I pick whatever’s pretty or close or I ask for help from the gods and whatever I grab first as I run out the door wins.

12. How do you handle reading slumps?

I procrastinate reading for what feels like another twenty years and then I pick up something and force myself to carry it around to pretend I read things. Then I actually sometimes open it and get lucky enough for it to be of interest.

***OR LIKE I WILL INSTEAD, AS OF LATE read in my car before work. I am petrified of being late so I am always at the very least 15 minutes early to everything so now I am usually like 20 minutes early for work and I sit and read to calm my nerves.

13. What’s the last book you read?

Tempted by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

14. What are you currently reading?

Girls of Storm and Shadow by Natasha Ngan

15. How do you handle opposing opinions to books you’ve read?

I think I am generally okay with it. I don’t usually engage into battles about it??? because I have been on both sides and like whatever. If I read someone hates a book I like and they have valid criticism I am entirely okay. If they like a book and have valid criticism i’m okay and it helps me to see things in a new way. Doesn’t really change my views if it’s like a negative view of something I like, I can usually go “oh yeah I see that but I still like this overall.” or if it’s a good review it kind of changes me a bit in the “okay I guess that IS a good thing,” and I dislike it a bit less?? All criticism is valid because it’s all opinion based and based off of what we, the readers take away so it’s all fun as long as nobody’s trying to be mean I guess…

16. Name a book that made you cry:

LOLS just told my boyfriend why I am afraid of Chain of Gold…because Queen of Air and Darkness made me cry like 75% of the time so there’s that… I am an emotional mess and Cassandra Clare has destroyed whatever little stability I may have had left.

17. Name a book that made you laugh:

A Thousand Perfect Notes. I know I mention this book like a LOT and spoiler alert: I have ANOTHER post where it may show up…I can’t say when because my memory sucks and I will probably keep postponing it but like…eventually?? Seriously though this book made me laugh.

18. What’s your ride or die OTP?

Typing Fictional Characters – Anne of Green Gables
I just love them so much it’s honestly my goal in life to be half this amazing.

Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe. If anyone even looks at me funny I will not hesitate to uncage my lions and dragons and have them eat you for supper. Yes, I mean the OG Anne and Gilbert from the books or even the original movies. Not the new ones that’s a whole other beast.

19. How do you feel about love triangles?

SOMETIMES in small quantities they’re okay. Like I know we all had a time where everything had a love triangle. God only knows why ,because they’re insane and overdone. But like…IT DRIVES ME NUTS. Not everyone has this problem, please stahp.

20. What was your favorite type of book to read as a child?

Atlases. I was set on becoming an astronaut so I read books about space. Also world Atlases so I could somehow also be a mermaid?? I loved space, wild animals, and the deep sea so that’s all I read. Books to feed that knowledge into me. Little me had so much potential…I have no idea where it all went.

So let me know what types of books YOU like to read, or whatever. Or use these exact same questions and comment below or tag me and call it the LiteraryLionBlog20Qs



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