Tempted Book Book Talk

Stop reading this right now if you have not read this book. This is not without spoilers…

Warned you…

I tried to not mention writing style and narration because as of now it’s pretty redundant and I just figured I’d skip it this time and go to the good stuff. I don’t want to always be caught in the negatives, I do, however, enjoy pointing them out because I’m judgy as hell especially, it seems with things I enjoy.


This time around the group is finally (almost) resting after having kind of defeated Kalona and Neferet, or at the very least shoving them far away to who knows where. Much of the book is spent with them regrouping and sorting themselves out, we get to find out what Stevie Rae has been hiding…then she hides something else. So let’s try and talk about what a refreshing book this one was, shall we?

This time I’m not even going to talk a lot about what happens with Zoey because finally we get some refreshing insight onto some of the other characters aside from what Zoey sees.


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So far, I really liked the perspective we got from Stevie Rae, it was a third person POV and it was still good and refreshing from Zoey’s usual narration style. Stevie Rae clearly has a lot of potential which I am glad is still a thing, I think she was shoved off a bit after she died so it was good to see her in full action. Plus now she’s in charge of the red fledgelings which is also pretty cool having her kind of put everyone in their place and being a boss. Honestly, I like it a lot especially since she was always so sweet and peace maker-ish prior to the dead / undead thing. So now she has strong powers with her earth element as well as the actually being in charge of things bit.

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Stark being the oath bound warrior to Zoey in this book was interesting, the bond between them and his understanding of everything, plus his ability to keep a cool head was also pretty nice to see. He clearly has feelings for Zoey, but he also is level headed enough to know he can’t just act on that alone. So he gets along with Heath and they even have a few bonding moments which made me incredibly happy. I still rooted for Heath this entire book, because the guy’s got charm, what can I say?

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Aphrodite! Oh boy Aphrodite was just all over this book in a really good way. We got to see even more of how much she can actually do. Even though she’s human she is clearly still a valuable player in this story. But most importantly, in her POV chapter she. is. fragile. she. is. in. love. So far we’ve gotten glances into her caring about Zoey and the greater good even when she hides it and tries to act like she couldn’t care less about anyone, but she’s vulnerable and seeing it in her own perspective is a nice change of pace.

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Finally, we come to Heath, who is the human with pretty much no connection to Nyx and no special gifts besides being totally freaking awesome. Seriously, he’s entirely human and he just throws himself into this storm. He knows he’s got the least advantage since if he gets seriously hurt he’d be benched for a while since he can’t count on getting blood to help patch him up as fast as the vamps or even fledgelings. Buttttt he keeps going. He knows his blood will help Zoey. He knows there’s trouble and he knows Kalona and Neferet are bad so he decides to stay, not just because he loves Zoey, but because it’s RIGHT. Since the series began we get to see Heath through Zoey, as a jock. He’s a football player, he’s cute, he has dimples, he can be dim, he has muscles, bla bla superficial crap, blah. But now he’s opening up even when we see him through Zoey. He’s helping Stark and he’s useful. He helps Aphrodite calm down when her connection to Stevie Rae is hurting her. When he knows Zoey needs to drink his blood he very easily offers, and when she brings up the whole ‘I’m not drinking from you because I don’t want to deal with the sexual parts of this’ HE’S THE ONE WHO MAKES SURE THERE IS NO SEXUAL NATURE TO IT. Zoey’s all lusty and he contains himself and keeps everything pg.

Yeah, he’s a go-lucky guy, but he’s friendly and kind and afhaskfhaosifanf THE ENDING MADE ME CRY. The ONE time we get a Heath POV, I end up crying. Why?? Because we clearly can’t have nice things.


Let’s move on for a minute from my own drama…k?

I like that the rest of the friends have been working on their elements, I think we should get to see more of the twins and Damien doing more with their gifts. I know there’s been glances, like when Zoey used air to call for Damien and then he and the twins managed to send help via their elements. There was also that time when the girls created their own sauna-esque showers and started goofing around. Plus Shaunee using her fire to melt the ice and whatnot, I think she deserves more time to show off what she can do…I think she’d have fun with that.

Also, shout out to the nuns in this book who are totally level-headed and kind to all of the chaos going on.

Also, I was SO glad to see that not the entire school had turned into zombies. When they found the injured kids, yeah it was bad, but it also gives hope. Hope that not everything is lost and that it wasn’t just Lenobia and Dragon who were smart enough to know better. It was good to know that even Daino was able to see how bad things were getting, andddd STOOD. up. for it! I rooted, I have to say.


Finally, in the last chapter, when Kalona proves he literally does not care about anything and kills one of the best characters in this thing…Zoey through trying to save her friend loses all of her tattoos??? So WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?? So far we know that the tattoos mean she’s in the favor of Nyx or something, or the Goddess is on her side. So is this like when Aphrodite lost her vampire potential and her humanity took over but she kept her visions? Is Zoey going to have to beat up Kalona with just her wit and a punch in the gut???

Not going to lie I am ENTIRELY bothered becauseeee I do not have the next book right now. I literally somehow skipped it when I ordered the first like eight books so I have three books after but somehow, NOT Burned. So my questions will have to wait for answers… I hate waiting. I do.

Anyways, as of now that’s my ramble on what this book entailed. I know I’ve said it before in the previous book talks about this series but let’s say it again, I DO like this series. I do. It’s more so, Zoey, in large doses that has gotten on my nerves. In this book, I did find her more tolerable again but also I was more interested in other characters. I LIKE side characters. I LIKE seeing grown and development in other characters. One of the best things to me about any book is getting to see more than superficial crap about the characters and settings in what I read.

Please tell me if you’ve read this series and how you personally feel about it?

Anyways, later book nerds,


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