Hunted by PC Cast and Kristin Cast Review

Let’s just jump right off this cliff, shall we?


The main cast of characters has now run off to be underground because of Kalona’s rising and Neferet being the Queen Tsi Sigli and whatnot. They took over the school but here we are spending lots of energy and patience with Zoey’s brain making us cringe and telling us redundant information almost every other page. 


I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of being treated like an idiot. I feel like this book, like basically every one of these books so far, treats the reader as an idiot. No I don’t just mean in the random vocabulary lessons to show off how inferior everyone is to Damien and that he’s the only studious person in the main cast…I mean the insane amount of repetition is absolutely ridiculous. If I make it to book five in a series…I think you can guess that I didn’t just skip 1-4 and go right into this. Or maybe assume as much, but like whatever, just don’t do it all at once. In CLUMPS. There’s better ways to recap.

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Shall I recap the recap of how Erin and Shaunee are actually NOT the same person. Let’s, in case anyone ACTUALLY forgot. (Oh god even I’m doing it. Sh!t)

“Oh, by the way, Erin and Shaunee are soul twins, not biological twins, being as Erin is a blond-haired blue-eyed Oklahoma girl and Shaunee is a caramel-colored easterner of Jamaican descent. But genetics didn’t matter with them- they might as well have been separated at birth and then rejoined by twin radar.”

page 8

Like….remember how I said that we are told this ALL THE FREAKING TIME? We are. 

Damien the very gay and very intelligent, or studious. He’s the studious one and everyone around him is a complete and total moron. They just do NOT know what the hell context clues are. These girls are all so absolutely stupid it’s ridiculous. 

“You’ll have to explain after you’re fixed up and not en brochette anymore.” 

“En-huh?” Shaunee said.

“Bro- What?” Erin said.


Seriously…KNOCK IT OFF. If you’re in high school, you should know what context clues are, and in this case you don’t need to speak French in order to figure this out since well…Stevie Rae had a freaking arrow to the back.. so like, excuse me a second I need to smash my face against a wall for a second.

Anyways, let’s move on with our lives and talk a bit about the characters, or at least a few of them since barely anyone ever gets a real minute in the spotlight, shall we?


At the very beginning Zoey has a weird sexual dream sequence of herself and her Leo DiCaprio / Johnny Depp mix. Kalona calls her A-ya *I find it would be hilarious if her destiny really was to be trapped in dirt at this point* She has many thoughts about Kalona’s hotness and how great he looks yada yada. I mean, no offense girl but you have bigger problems than another ‘hot’ guy calling for your attention.

“His laugh was seductive. I wanted to drown in it…made me feel out of control.”

p. 4

Zoey still manages to sound like a clueless child in this book. We find out that she is A-ya reincarnated which sounds cool and all but Zoey’s clueless as usual and shows her absolute ignorance towards basically everything. Everyone expects her to lead them. Somehow she and Erik are back together because he loves her??? What?? WHAT???

Honestly, again, I was hoping he’d have more sense. But that’s just me. I mean, in this book everyone can tell that Zoey has the hots for Stark and then Heath shows up again, and then there’s Erik….BUT WAIT, there’s more (as usual) Kalona is also part of this train-wreck soup.

I must also give some props to Zoey for her quick thinking at the end of the book and saving Stark from dying. That was nice of her. Good job, girl.


Stark is a red-fledgeling now and he’s a bad guy who tries to rape and mind-control his victims. Which is absolutely awful. His whole redemption (aside from being hot) is that at the end of this book he chooses to become Zoey’s warrior. He chooses to try and be a good person and let go of the stinky (literally) darkness surrounding him and try to regain his humanity…and his dog. Before all of the extra creepy and disturbing things that happen with Stark I thought that whatever was happening with him, whatever internal struggle he was having was already leaning towards good. I mean he was clearly messed up inside over having Duchess even mentioned to him. It already seemed like he was not completely lost. He kept going to Zoey, he kept being helpful despite the very annoying, brooding of “woe is me for I have no soul. Wow I cannot fight this inner darkness. But I’m going to be hurt when you mention my dog who’s a good girl and fantastic.) You can’t convince me that he had no soul and still managed to get so worked up over Dutch, I refuse to believe this.

Honestly, I think he could have been pretty bad and soulless without the attempted rape thing?


I have to admit that aside from my usual rooting for side characters, I love that Heath is getting real recognition and more screen time. He’s actually not an idiot, and is the one who brings up the fact that these kids could probably block their minds from Neferet’s mind tricks. He’s so underestimated yet he’s very direct and hides nothing which is a nice change. He’s also very loyal and brave. I mean I wouldn’t exactly throw myself into these situations especially if I was being kicked out as much as he is. But I guess that’s why I like him as much as I do. He’s genuine, as are most of the fledgelings, he’s open and good. Despite the obvious dangers to himself, he still throws himself into the fire.


Aphrodite and Stevie Rae are imprinted which is kind of interesting. Before this imprint we were falsely lead to believe that all imprints had a sexual nature, yet these two are definitely not attracted to one another and even Darius the warrior confirms to Aphrodite that things between the two of them will remain the same. Aphrodite is going through it ALL in this book. She’s being judged, she’s getting visions that are scary as hell, and that includes the after-effects of them as well. She’s clearly falling for Darius and he’s falling for her as well, even if Zoey thinks they’re just into each other for sexual reasons since she thinks Aphrodite’s a ho. But as we all know, Zoey has no clue about anything so that’s probably not even accurate information. Especially since Aphrodite snaps every time someone hints that her relationship with Darius is merely carnal in nature.


I don’t really Get Kalona just yet. Yeah, he’s some evil demonic / angelic entity. But, what IS he? What exactly was he supposed to do?? Besides rape women and enslave the men? It just feels like there’s not much to him besides wanting to get laid, at all hours of every day. Maybe he will be better explained in the next book??


I still do like this book. It’s just that Zoey aggravates me to no end. I think most of my issues arise with how everything and everyone is portrayed through Zoey’s perspective. Sometimes the narration is entirely okay and comprehensive and decent, but other times Zoey really is an idiot, and when she’s an idiot, she goes BIG on stupidity. I still like the lore that they try to incorporate into the story. I want more from the secondary characters, I want more of the glimpses we get into them aside from the superficial crap Zoey feeds us. Either you’re ‘hot’, ‘gay’, ‘a ho’, or superficial brain-sharing non-twins. I just want a tad bit more. Which is why I’m still going strong and hoping for the best.



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