Authors I Want to Read More From

So I’ve been looking at my shelves lately and getting stumped on what to read next, and I keep looking at some of the books I’ve most recalled recently and thought damn I need more of that. So naturally I thought about the authors and am going to look into what else they’ve got to offer. So, here’s a short list of authors that I’ve read at least one book from that I should probably get more from because something about the story I read was compelling. Enjoy,

Kasie West

I read P.S. I Like You by Kasie West last year and it was just so mushy and wonderful I need more. I loved Lilly as a character, she was such a dork, and funny and I honestly hadn’t read a straight up romance in SO long I almost forgot how amazing they were.

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Natasha Ngan

I think I just want to read more in the world of Girls of Paper and Fire, but either way I want to see more from this author. The style and world was intriguing to me so I want to see what’s going to happen next, especially since that ending was a cliff-hanger and now everyone’s going to die…probably.

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Emma Mills

I adored Foolish Hearts, I seriously enjoyed the story and characters so much. The story was so simple but also so rich and I loved it. It was a nice contemporary with kids doing kid things for once. It was wholesome and I just got all kinds of gushy feelings, so yeah I am on board for more from Emma.

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Tomi Adeyemi

I am lonnnnnnggggg overdue for a review of Children of Blood and Bone but. Hear me out kids. There’s like a million things I want to say about that book. It was so compelling and well-crafted. The story, the world-building, the characters. Ummmmfff. I definitely will be super impatient waiting for Children of Virtue and Vengeance. Also, I am BEYOND terrified about that ending soooo I’m waiting. Impatiently.

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Kendare Blake

I read Three Dark Crowns like two years ago? Sounds about right, and I enjoyed it but I had SO many questions I am still on the fence. I am just invested in knowing what happens, where it’s going so I am determined to finish the series this year. Hopefully.

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So there you have it, book nerds, these are some of the authors I would like to read more from. Tell me in the comments about any author’s you’ve checked out that you would like to see more from.

Later, nerds,


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