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Okay so I’m sure it’s not a secret that I ADORE Cait / CG Drew’s / Paperfury, and her debut novel A Thousand Perfect Notes last year still haunts me now. Because it does, it haunts me in the BEST of ways. So naturally I preordered her second book too, The Boy Who Steals Houses.

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So here goes…


Boys like him don't get the girl.

They go to jail.

Betrayed and abused by everyone
who should have taken care of them,
Sam and his brother are lost souls.
They have a wild, hopeless, precious dream
- to make a home for themselves.

Then Sam meets a girl whose
laugh is a burst of stardust.
But betrayed people have the hardest fists,
and Sam has a secret that is about
to catch up with him.

Related imageThis book also started with a sad boy who needs hugs and to be LESS tortured Cait, not more. But from the get-go you’re intrigued, because going into it I knew Sam was stealing houses, if you couldn’t tell. But he’s such a soft and wonderful child who just has had the WORST of luck and deserves so much better than he’s got so far. He’s sweet and kind and funny, and tortured, and malnourished, and mistreated, and misunderstood. Lots of traits I know. But he’s all of this and then some. 

This book made me WANT to finish it. I needed to know his secret of why he ran away from home. I needed to know he’d be okay. Because I honestly was just afraid he was going to die and I needed him to live. I honestly thought he died at least three times. Or I feared he’d get caught and get shoved in jail… and die.

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Okay so, I am ALL for Cait’s style of writing. In this book and in ATPN she just writes beautifully and yes I mean it’s pretty to look at because I’m hella vain and I like pretty things. Like look at this!!This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20190602_202144.jpg


And you just get your heart to jump if only slightly when you get to these parts. Because it just





You can envision it like a clip of a film. And it’s absolute magic.

I love it.

Aside from Sam, because obviously the child just needs hugs, food and a nap that lasts fifty days. The other characters are amazing. Avery is his older brother and he’s autistic and he’s hilarious. And again… NEEDS HUGS, NAPS, AND FOOD people. These boys are starved. Feed them Cait…FEED them. Not torture.

There’s also the entire De Lainey clan and I loved Moxie she’s amazing and skilled and she gets her brothers to get life going. Which we all need.

Plus Mr. De Lainey is just the greatest adult figure in this book, yes, yes I know there’s literally like three but he’s still the best. He’s so tired and over-worked and the man needs a nap. But he’s trying so hard! He’s trying so freaking hard to  keep it together and to make sure his kids are okay, and he deserves love because this man keeps his home open to all of these kids that his kids *I MEAN JEREMY, cus he’s popular* keep bringing into his home. So yeah, they may be struggle-busing it but he’s not mean and he sure as hell doesn’t turn anyone away.

Related imageI’m literally a sucker for a good family story and I think that this book is definitely one of my favorites so far when it comes to that. The De Lainey clan is rambunctious and loud, and hilarious. They love each other, they tease each other, they’re golden.

The Lou brothers are caring, and angry but ultimately always there for one another.  Which is more than needed in life. Even when you laugh at your brother for being covered in buckets of glitter for all eternity. You know, at the end of the day, you’ll be there for each other forever. 

Related imageSeriously this book was just so good to read, and very worth every minute. It was sad, it was funny, and I honestly MUST ask…have you guys read it? If so what’d you think of it? Please share your thoughts.

Later book nerds!

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