Heartless by Marissa Meyer

So, like if I hadn’t said this before I read books that I believe will be interesting and good. So naturally, ages ago when I first received this book I was beyond intrigued. A Wonderland retelling, focusing on the Queen of Hearts with an origin story? Let’s go. So yes, yes I should have read this forever ago, but didn’t because books I was MORE invested in came and well here we are now.

Overall this book was underwhelming. I remember seeing reviews and people saying how good it was and now I must say… THIS is why I rarely listen to other people’s opinions. This book was slow paced, Cath was so, so, SO bland. I swear, for someone who spends so much time in the kitchen she should have a little more flavor to her. I was a million times more intrigued by Jest. But he was barely even there which was frustrating because he was perhaps the most interesting part of the story.


I liked the Wonderland people in the sense that it was what you’d expect from them based on prior knowledge of the original Alice in Wonderland and so on. The king is just as much of a dope as you’d expect. The people were ridiculous as always which was nice.

But that’s it. There was no OOMPH.
I kept reading because I wanted to know how it’d end. I can’t just NOT finish a book. And it finally got interesting… like the last four chapters. Cath had a few moments sprinkled here and there where I could say “oh there’s a bit of who she becomes.” But she’s nothing special until the end. There’s nothing particularly engaging about her to me. She needed more spice.

I would be way more invested had Cath become the Queen earlier in the story and we’d have gotten more of her pre and post heartlessness. That would have been a good way to spice her up.


The plot of the Jabberwock was okay, but it was no big shock. Except, clearly to Cath…but seriously at the party it was too obvious.


Jest and Raven’s plot was okay as well, but we really didn’t get them as much either. It would honestly have been more interesting to see them more in their natural habitat. What’s the extent of their powers? What’s Chess like with all the endless war? But we didn’t get that. We barely even got Jest. Which disappointed me because again….at least he was interesting but oh well.


So there’s my opinion on this book. Let me know if you’ve read this book and how you feel about it.

Later book nerds 😉

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