Pride by Ibi Zoboi | Thoughts

I started to like this book from page one mainly because I love books that give me a sense of culture I guess it is. A sense of mutual understanding, and also I suppose I like flowery language. I can’t help it I’m a sucker.

“What those rich people don’t always know is that broken and forgotten neighborhoods were first built out of love.”

This story is about Zuri Benitez and her new neighbors that threaten the way her world works. These neighbors are black, but they aren’t black. They can speak the same language but it’s still foreign and Zuri already has a guard up that pissed me off for far too long. But, I understood. Change is hard, change is a mess. So I was mad that Zuri was so close-minded and made up her mind from the get-go to hate the neighbors because of something so superficial as them getting a mini mansion across the street. Yeah, I’d be self-conscious too if my neighbors came out of nowhere and suddenly there’s a mansion across the street. Seriously, the book is from her FIRST person POV, and even to her own thoughts she won’t accept that her concerns aren’t so much anti-them, but more of an internal worry about herself and her own life. She merely addresses her fears of change, but won’t own up to the fact that she’s self-conscious. And that’s okay and it would be okay if she owned up to it. But I can’t just assume they’re stuck-up snobs, I can’t just assume they’ll ruin everything.

  1. Yes, rent did go up.
  2. Yes, her concerns were probably valid.
  3. No, it wasn’t Darius and Ainsley’s fault because much like her, they didn’t do anything. They’re just kids doing what their parents say.

I love that Zuri and Janae are so close, I love anything that means siblings love each other. I love that Darius took forever, but at the same time he really didn’t. “What exactly are you saying? Why would the name of this park have to change?” Darius asks, raising an eyebrow.

I love that he said that, it was when I first realized he would be more enjoyable than just a guy with a tight jaw. He was calling her out on her own bullshit. Which is exactly what she needs a healthy dose of.

Zuri finds ways to be both ambitious and condescending and rude, and ways to be oh so relatable. She hides her feelings and negates how she feels even to herself. She’s constantly trying to shield her sisters from heartache and anything superficial. She tries to keep up her guard so much because she wants to PROTECT everyone, especially her sisters. And it makes it real, it’s that part of her that makes me like her. But she aggravated me with that attitude of hers.


It really wouldn’t be me if I didn’t babble about stuff I liked so here goes.

I loved their romance. Darius was a massive dork at some points but it was WONDERFUL. It was absolutely glorious and I think it added so much to the relationship because I think Zuri needed that. I think she really needed to see someone like that, someone that could challenge her and talk about things she cares about and be real, but also show her that not everyone that looks like you is someone that is exactly like you. Both he and Warren can be examples of that.

  1. She thought Warren was great because he was pretty and had game and was from the hood like her.
  2. She thought Darius had zero game and was just a stuck-up-pretty-rich-boy.

YET, the boy with the most, and best sustenance was the latter. Also, going into this knowing it was a Jane Austen retelling I was just waiting to see how THIS would play out. And ummm…it did good. I was quite happy.


Truth is I love complaining about stuff…

  • I hated how Zuri reacted when Janae and Ainsley first got together, she was afraid she’d lose her sister, and she was afraid her sister would want something outside of Bushwick, and she claimed she wanted experiences and change but it just seemed like she wanted the complete and total opposite because every chance she’d glare at like it was out to get her.
  • I DID NOT like how much the twins were into boys. It’s realistic, don’t get me wrong. Doesn’t mean I like it.
  • At Carrie’s party yes she felt out of place, and I probably would have tried to leave too…but in a more passive aggressive, “I’m going to ditch and look you in the eye as I do so” kind of way because I too am flawed…but I’ve learned to admit it. But Darius was right, she only just got to know him! She has never seen him in his friendly, comfortable environment. He’s been in a new environment where everyone looks at him like he doesn’t belong, and at this party, with his friends, he’s at ease. She wasn’t. And maybe that was the point, maybe that’s why he brought her. Because she’d see him for what he was, see him when he feels at ease. She’s comfortable in Bushwick, and that’s fine…but he wasn’t. But Zuri can’t get to that thought because she’s never experienced things that are this different, things that can get her to change, and see things from a different angle.


Where I shall debate the most random of thoughts I have at this point about this book.

  • Marisol had like zero screen time in this movie. She wasn’t very developed or looked into much. She liked money, so what?
  • The Benitez parents were adorable when they were around. I highly enjoyed learning about the little things they do for each other and how they still care. It gives me hope.
  • I love reading books that mention food.
  • I can so relate to Zuri’s need for breathing room because I too have lived with my three siblings in one room for a time. Luckily I think my room was slightly less cramped.
  • So those are my thoughts on Pride, I have more but these are the ones I wanted to touch on now. Have you guys read this book? How do you feel?

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