October Plans

Okay, so I have done it again, folks. I have heavily disappointed myself with my lack of reading skills. Because I am actually just really bad at this whole life thing lately…more on that another time.

Anyways, I wanted to let you all know about these three plans that I am going to try and partake in during the month of October and I would love to know what you guys are going to plan to do for October 😀


I plan on participating for the very first time, EVER. Mostly because it sounds familiar but I never really KNEW what it was. So I’ve started to look into it and decided why not. Howeverrrrr, I shall do it my way, otherwise this is totally not going to work…at all. As in, I’ll do thhe prompts if they incite inspiration and WHEN they incite inspiration. If I’m not inspired I won’t, and I will just cross it off my list and see how it goes. Okay? 😀

Is my October Bullet Journal page practice for what #inktober holds??? Who knows, but I’m so proud Anne doesn’t look like COMPLETE shit sooooo here guys look at her!

To be honest #inktober was like the catalyst for this post…whoopsies.

Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies!

Yes, kid-friendly because anything else would forbid me from sleeping for all of eternity. I’m still not over Annabelle….


I have been procrastinating some artsy things that I keep thinking / plotting out, and yet here we are. Almost October, and do you guys think I’ve even started some of these??? Because lols no… I haven’t. And one of them is a piece for my brother who keeps stealing the things I make for myself. Sorry, bro!

Seriously, I even bought this bad boy because I want to just have it ready when I need to mix things…#gettingready

So what are YOUR top three plans for October? Do you live in a country where Halloween is relevant at all? If not what are your thoughts on it? Do you like the idea of it?

later homies 😀




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