P.S. I Like You by Kasie West | Book Talk


I don’t want to be that person that claims that they’ll read cutesy romances in the summer because that’s how it’s done or whatever…but HOLY COW this book. I needed it and I didn’t know it, like at all. It kept staring at me guiltily from my pile of “totally want to read these” and I finally did because it stared. A LOT. And rightfully so.

This book is about a totally wacky and awkward and HILARIOUS girl named Lily and her newly found soul mate. The problem lies in the fact that she has no idea who this newly found soulmate is. Mainly because they’re communicating through notes in the worst class ever…(Well to them, I personally loved Chemistry).

Lily has a mortal enemy like most teenagers?? A best friend who actually totally gets her. A family that is all over the place like most functioning groups. It’s all hunky dory right?

She wants to write music, write songs, draw clothes, and have at least like ONE minute alone at home. That’s not a lot to ask for, is it???

OKAY so maybe it is because come on there’s four kids in that house.

Lily has her own taste in music and it seems like no one on the planet has the same tastes…except…soulmate does.

And they go from music tastes to life and then they finally stay as pals do and talk about anything and everything and they have the same humor and it makes me laugh and also facepalm so hard because WHYYYYYY????

Seriously, if you don’t laugh with this book, then I don’t know what to say to you. I laughed, I giggled, I felt second hand embarrassment.

Okay so onto the good stuff…


What I liked:

  • I liked the Lily and Isabel relationship. Isabel GETS lily, she gets Lily’s humor and they aren’t identical but they’re still very much meant to be friends. I mean seriously she suggested their weird new ritual.
  • I like that there’s a huge blowup when the guitar gets destroyed because it’s REAL. I fight with my brothers all the time. My brothers screwed me over when they were younger, and now too and even though they were cute and adorable…we fought.  It’s real. They make up. Lily feels bad, and she still loves them very much.
  • I like Lily and Cade banter.  I love when they finally start TALKING. Like normal people do. Instead of just calling each other names and trying to murder each other.
  • I love the notes. I LIVED for  those notes.
  • I loved seeing the ups and downs of life because it helped everything seem more real.
  • Seriously. I will battle to the death for the romance.
  • Without spoiling too much…I just… LOVE THE ROMANCE. When it gets started everything is just THAT MUCH MORE PRECIOUS. AND PERFECT.
  • When friendships form.
  • When Lily is so damn nosy she needs to know the information about soulmate because WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS ANYWAYS??
  • The lyrics by the soulmate. Seriously pure gold.
  • It was so pretty and cute and funny and if you can make me feel gooey inside a week later, I need to tell you I like you. That’s all.


What I didn’t Like:

  • Freaking Sasha.
  • Sa
  • Sha
  • Seriously, what do you even get from doing what you do????? Like no one likes you. No one. You’re just left as a massive bitch. I get it you had a crush on a guy but move the hell on?? He’s cute and cool but like…if he wasn’t interested you can’t make him. Besides it seemed like that was a huge dead-end from the get go so like….chill.
  • It’s over and I need more cutesy in my life. Can someone send recommendations of cutesy and romantic things for me to read? Please? I am begging here.


So, let me know if you’ve read this book if so, how did you feel about it?

Until next time, bros.

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