The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan | Thoughts

Guess who’s back!?! Back again?!? Not Slim Shady…better!

Your favorite Demigod and mine, Percy Sassmaster Jackson! I was so worried when I started the Lost Hero that I wasn’t going to get my Demigod crush boy back…and yet here he is, in all of his sassy glory. My heart may have jumped for joy.

Let’s just dive into why this book was hella fab and then some, shall we?


Artwork by viria:

Percy: Percy Jackson is a breath of sea breeze and with all of his badassery and sass that if you don’t appreciate it I don’t think you can survive the series…any of them. Percy has been living as a Demigod for what four years now?? And he’s just been done with everything and everyone that tries to mess with his life. *Cough* the gods *cough. He’s taunted and sassed every god that comes near him. He is frustrated with each and every one of them, he’s told them to their faces how ridiculous he thinks they are and somehow he’s lived….I’m confused. He shows up after proving himself yet again to Lupa, the Wolf Goddess. He carries Juno herself to Camp Jupiter and makes the New Romans love him instantly…well you know…close enough.

Despite everything that’s happened to Percy, being used as a tool, constantly by the gods, and having his memory wiped Percy keeps his percy-nality (sorry totally had to) and the one piece of memory and integral part of him so strong even Hera couldn’t wipe…Annabeth.

“If this lady was a goddess, she must’ve been the goddess of smelly, heavy, useless hippies.”


Juno, huh?” he said. “If I passed your test, can I have my memory and life back?”


“Now, Percy thought if he could just get a shower, a change of clothes, and some sleep he’d be golden. Maybe even imperial golden.” Badum tss.

Seriously the boy wastes no time.

Percy is also just so darn selfless it’s one of the things I love about him. He’s automatically drawn to Frank and Hazel who are the two that seem most looked down upon. I mean, she’s a child of Pluto and he’s unclaimed and clumsy. Percy is CLEARLY powerful and awesome and everyone takes interest in him and instead of giving into the fame, he’s like ummm these two are clearly my peeps. So he goes on the quest and he knows in his gut these two will have his back no matter what, and that they clearly have a lot of skill in them and more importantly they’re good people. So I love that Percy still sticks to those he cares for and trusts.


Art by Viria:

Hazel: Okay so as far as new characters go, Hazel Levesque is one of the absolute greatest. She’s the heart of the newly formed trio. I mean Frank is a total teddybear and I adore him but let’s be serious, Hazel is the glue, the logic, the one going “wtaf Percy??” and she’s the youngest and I love her. Let’s not be fooled into thinking she’s shallow because she thought Percy looked like a Roman god, please. Like we wouldn’t think he’s that attractive too?

But seriously, Hazel isn’t one of the sass-masters…usually, she’s more reasonable and logic, but also SO. MUCH. HEART. The girl is young and lovable and full of heart. She’s supportive and kind, and thrown out of time, and struggling with her very messed up past. The guilt of the old days and also the whole her mother died on her watch even though it totally wasn’t her fault thing. But somehow Pluto is still an ace parent kind of, because he actually did introduce himself to her back in the day. Which is nice because we all know SOME gods wouldn’t (ZEUS). I appreciate that despite his busy schedule and his whole god of the underworld thing Pluto / Hades makes SOME time for his kids. It’s nice.


Art by Viria:

Frank: Frank is my baby bear. He’s the kindest, sweetest, Canadian Chinese Baby-man that ever was. I dig it, I love it. I love that he’s got this sense of duty and righteousness and is also the child of the last person he expected. Even I was thrown off when Mars showed up and went “yep that one’s mine.” Also, brief props to Mars for showing up and giving USEFUL intel onto the quest that these guys were about to go on.

Frank struggled with the family gift that he knew nothing about and had to figure out how to use. There’s also the issue of this curse that still kind of confuses me because why??? And the poor child is so kind and heroic that he just doesn’t deserve such a curse! And yet here we are. Again.

Frank shows that he’s more than capable of coming up with a good tactical plan to get things done when he leads Percy to the water cannon  plan and it works and the Fifth Cohort finally gets some much needed recognition. I like that he was automatically the leader and he did it even though he was afraid of it because this was so not part of his thought process at all!



“You think it’s okay that we’re eating Rudolph?”

“Dude,” Percy said, “I could eat Prancer and Blitzen, too. I’m hungry”


Frank nodded. He looked into the giant’s seething eyes. “Here’s a tip, Alcyoneus. Next time you choose he biggest state for your home, don’t set up the base in the part that’s only ten miles wide. Welcome to Canada, idiot.”

Also, I loved the whole Thanatos having Pluto / Hades’ Skype address to confer about the list of people who need to be reaped back down.


Overall, I once again have very little to complain about from a Rick Riordan book. Asides from Octavian, whom I found beyond annoying mostly and wanted him smashed over the head with a brick…or a piano. But who needs to dwell on that? Not I. Not when Frank and Hazel both survived meeting Thanatos with the fear of being tossed into the underworld.

What do you all think? Did you like Son of Neptune? What were your feelings?

2 thoughts on “The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan | Thoughts

  1. Ahh I LOVE this series! I think it’s still my favourite of all the Riordan books.😍Percy is just the most adorkable precious cinnamon son of ever. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! Also agreed about Hazel and Frank! Leo is my second favourite after Percy, though too!!


    1. I just got so shocked because I am THE WORSE person EVER with new characters in a world I already enjoyed. I was like “pfftt you can’t possibly step up to expectations…oh hey there I love you all except you Octavian, you can die.” But like… EVERYONE is pure gold in their own way and these books are just PACKED with love and development and joy and sadness and lols because clearly all demigods are freaking hilarious! Like when Hazel backs up Percy’s claim to setting the monsters on fire because he’s crazy. ❤ I just love Rick Riordan anything I've decided


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