The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan | Thoughts

I can honestly say I panicked when I started this book because I was so scared that it’d be a book set with Demigods but without my boy Percy and pals. Also, I’m bad, like REALLY bad at being introduced to new people in worlds I already know. Mainly because I’m afraid they’ll be cheap copies of the OG squad…but boy was I WRONG. Like super wrong. Thanks Uncle Rick.


Okay so this book gave me so many feels, mostly feels of “WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON??” The entire book I was in a constant battle because I wanted to know what was happening and the more I read the more angry I got because I wanted to know why Jason couldn’t remember anything, what happened?? Who are you?? And then we get SOME answers sprinkled on top, like Uncle Rick was making a new recipe that required “Salt to taste” and he’d legit drop like a single grain of salt little by little because god forbid our taste buds explode. So yeah, 10/10 ways to keep me interested. Next time just assume I like salt man.


I was so excited to see some old pals show up in this book, in case you were wondering. Like my girl, scarybeth…Annabeth, who strikes fears into everyone (LOVE that that’s how she’s perceived honestly). Annabeth is my girl and I adore her, and I love that we get dragged back into Camp Half-Blood. It made me feel like I was home.

Now let’s see if I can make this coherent…



Leo: Leo is the character I loved from the get-go. He’s so, so, SOOOOOO funny! Seriously, this kid is pure gold. The fact that he’s both Piper and Jason’s best friend and he’s so insecure and also so willing to go into the heart of danger despite being in absolute fear is wonderful. Plus he’s just all sugar and spice and I love him so much. My brother read this book way before I did and he had mentioned Leo being fantastic and I was like “no Percy is always best” but now I see why Leo was so fantastic.

Piper: Okay so I was kind of mad because I couldn’t tell at first who would be her godly parent, I thought it was her dad because at one  point she mentioned her dad and some kind of issue, so I was like oh snap she knows her godly parent! But when we were told who it was and then her blessing! 😂 I rolled over laughing because I was pretty sure Piper was going to flip a table or two and go “GET THIS CURSE OFF OF ME NOW” Which wasn’t too far off but still. That and the fact that Jason was like 😍 “beautiful” because of course she’s already beautiful homie! She’s a child of Aphrodite, and you are already dating her (kind of). As time went on, and Piper interacted more (especially with Leo) I got to have such a huge admiration for her. She wasn’t a Drew Tanaka, THANK THE GODS! She was like a Percy and Silena, you know, super troll and also child of the love goddess. I LOVED it. I am pretty sure I even wrote at one point that poor Jason is surrounded by trolls.

Jason: Okay, so honestly, out of the three new pals, Jason wasn’t really my favorite. I kind of found him super bland by comparison. I mean, I liked him, but I didn’t LOVE him. I just couldn’t get to Jason really. I admired him, I felt for him, I was glad to see him find someone from his life that he missed thought he’d never see again. I liked his story, but it took me way too long to get to like him.



In this book we get to see the giants come back, a crazy prophecy, homeboy Percy is missing. The Gods have gone silent and Hera is chained up and Annabeth Chase is 110% okay with it because Hera’s…a total bitch. That and also Hippie Zeus statue in Cabin one, which is as useless as Zeus himself is.



One of the most amazing and compelling things I found from this book was the amount of conflict involved.

leo valdez
Artwork by Viria:

Leo has more things to worry about than just the prophecy and Enceladus, or as he likes to call him Enchiladas. There’s his past, the part of himself he’s TERRIFIED of, his gift, the thing that he fears killed his mother. There’s the ghost of Tia Calida and what it reminds him of. There’s the feeling that he doesn’t belong at all. There’s the third wheel feeling, he’s the oddball, that’s how he sees himself. He is troubled by wanting to help his friends but he’s short and has no muscles and is the runt of the crew basically and all of that internal struggle just adds SO. MUCH. DEPTH to his character. Seriously I was rooting for my baby the entire time. Like get away from my boy Leo and feed him lots of snacks at all times. He deserves it.

Through all of these issues though he keeps himself on task, he goes on this quest, he risks his life, he rebuilds Festus, he jokes, he’s there for his friends, and his dynamic with Piper is just fantastic. His friendship with Jason is wonderful even though Jason is over so many of the jokes his buddy makes.

“So…giants who can throw mountains. Friendly wolves that will eat us if we show weakness. Evil espresso drinks. Gotcha. Maybe this isn’t the time to bring up my psycho babysitter.”

Artwork by Viria:

Piper had the whole thing where she was worried about her dad and her relationship with him. She was worried about her relationship with Jason and her newly found siblings suffering under Drew’s rule in Cabin 9. It seems kind of trivial that this is what was going on with Piper, she wasn’t used to being “beautiful” or very special, she was used to being a troubled child, and a burden on her dad. Yet, she has so much love to give, she has so much sass to spread. She had so much anger and desire to smack a bitch. Khione *cough*, and maybe even her mother…

“If Piper started getting urges to read fashion magazines, she was going to have to find Aphrodite and smack her.”

Oh wait totally her mother too. I can’t lie I was so annoyed with Piper when she’d revert to thoughts about Jason and how attractive he is. We get it he’s your type who cares??? I did NOT fall for Jason, sue me. Plus those anecdotes from Piper didn’t help at all. I appreciated that despite her fears of being a nuisance to her dad we got to learn that that wasn’t the case. She helped him research for his movies, and was actually a pretty smart cookie and had some good insight into the world they’re now a part of plus the fact that she has her Cherokee background and all of THOSE legends under her belt helps. I just like that that’s part of her because it adds layers to her.

Artwork by Viria:

Jason I can’t even pinpoint why I wasn’t invested in him. He too had a nice sense of humor. I mean he did tell Leo he could probably jump down Human Torch style and yell “Flame On” and it’s not even like he’s bad at all. Maybe it’s the fact that he is SO good?  That sounds bad maybe but he’s just such a good boy. Like there’s definitely depth to him and there is definitely conflict within him. He’s lost his memory, he has this incredulous sense of duty ingrained so deeply even without his memories you know as well as everyone in the story that he’s going to go doo the heroic thing and lead this quest. It’s what he’s been trained to do. Nothing, not even Hera can take that from him. He’s so wrapped in his own head because he needs to know what’s going on with him that it’s ridiculous. I get it.

Trust me. I wanted to know as much as he did what the heck was going on.

Jason was at a loss, he had lost someone in his past he didn’t think he’d ever see again, someone so important he thought may be dead after all this time. And then she shows up!! Whoo good job, Grace! He also wants to meet his dad, whom I am NOT  fan of. Even before reading PJO I didn’t like Zeus. I’ve read Greek Mythology, I took a myth class in college and f**k boy supreme Zeus was NOT someone I liked. I’m glad he’s not part of my personal life because he’d smite me daily.


Other Things I liked:

  • Hepheastus shows up again! I liked his conversation with Leo. Glad not all of the gods are rude as all hell. I liked that he explicitly told Leo that not everyone agrees with Zeus logic. Because it’s WRONG.
  • Thalia and the Hunters show up and Jason gets a piece of himself and sibling bonding is fantastic despite the circumstances.
  • The boys are so willing to help Piper and her dad, because THEY ARE FAMILY. So yeah, Piper they’re going to help you.
  • Artemis thinks Zeus is being ridiculous.
  • Coach Hedge.
  • Aeolus and the weather reports. I felt so bad for the poor guy but makes sense since the gods are in such turmoil all the time that of course they’re driving him nuts.
  • Aphrodite shows up and talks to Piper. I like that she has the sense in her to disagree with Zeus and yell at him (in poor Aeolus’ ear but still).  I liked that she isn’t seen just as a pretty face here, like she tells Piper that she can see possibilities of what could be, as her daughter.


So what about you guys? Did you read this book? What did you think of it?

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