Bookcon 2018 Adventures

This past weekend was the most anticipated thing of my year so far. It was once again, time for Bookcon! I was so excited I counted down the days and packed all week to make sure I didn’t forget anything. I went with my little brother Sammy for the second year in a row. It’s a good thing that he’s also a massive nerd and enjoyed it last year otherwise I probably would have been flying solo. Anyways, it was once again my treat for his birthday and also because I get extra shy and awkward on my own. It would not have been great. img_0359.jpg

Naturally, I had to kick off a bookish adventure by wearing my Camp Half Blood shirt. It made me SO happy that I found a few others sporting the same look honestly. One girl and I locked eyes and just smiled as we passed each other because we noticed one another as we talked to our companions, it was magical 😂 That and shout out to the girl in the Harry Potter shirt who pulled me to the side to tell me she liked my shirt! I liked yours too!


We started Saturday off by doing panels which were highly anticipated this year since we actually planned which ones we were going to go to ahead of time, yay! (We were so not prepared last year). So first we went to the Drawing Cute with Katie Cook panel, which was pretty enjoyable. It started at 10 which is right when we got in, and lucky for us we got to sit right up front and it was a very personal panel, honestly. She was very funny and personable, so we enjoyed it. Also, Sammy’s super into art and drawing and honing his skills as an artist so he was all for this panel.

Katie and her beyond cute drawings!



Then we went to The ultimate Guide on Turning Your Manuscript into a Published Success panel, and our last panel that we aka I couldn’t miss was The Magic of Worldbuilding panel with Renee Ahdieh, Sabaa Tahir, Scott Westerfeld, Leigh Bardugo, and Marie Lu. I was super excited for that panel, and took notes because one I need help with world building and also because I found them funny and helpful.


Once the panels were done and over with and we were able to eat because we don’t function all that well without food we did the fun thing of roaming about.

Sammy even got to write on the Harry Potter wall!


We got loads of books, somehow he got more than me??? Maybe because I was at panels and he didn’t care about writing. Oh well. We also got to chat with some authors about their books and it was worth it for so many reasons. First we got to learn about some pretty awesome sounding new books, we signed up for preorders of The Golden Bones, which captured our interest really quickly. So we are super excited to read that as soon as it arrives.

A batch of Bookcon goodies

We also got to meet with Mark Crilley and he was also very kind and signed our books, that were part of a giveaway. He also wished me luck on my art project for my kids at work 😀

We also got to speak with Ed Cruz and Ron Langtiw about their books, Kirin Rise and the Cast of Shadows, and Kirin Rise Shadows Unleashed. Not going to lie, we were mesmerized by the giant poster at first, and we finally stopped by to ask what it was about and it sounded awesome so we tried our luck spinning their wheel. I was lucky enough to get the free book spin so I got a signed copy of book one. Sammy however was the lucky winner of the pitch…which we had already gotten. So he was told to rewind five minutes and that’s his prize. We laughed at him. However, he bought book two and we figured we could take turns. Thing to know about my brother, he can be a real troll. So he asked them if he could be a villain in the books…Ron and Ed were pretty funny and we left laughing and ready to read.


 img_0396Sunday, Sammy’s aka Birthday 🎈🎂

Sunday’s lineup was slightly less hectic and somehow more spread out and relaxed. I went to the bookstagram meet-up and met two fellow Bookstagramers (if I can even call myself one, seeing as how inconsistent I am). Anyways, we were all introverted and struck up a conversation and I am ultimately glad to have attended this because I was panicked to go in there alone especially after everyone else was so extroverted. So thank you Ellen and Kat!  I was actually terrified up until the three of us started talking and we found common things to chat about. Next we hit up the Books + Youtube = Booktube panel which consisted of Ariel Bissett, Brandon Hoang, Emma Giordano, hannah Azerang, Natasha Polis, and Sasha Alsberg. I’m pretty glad I went to this panel because I have this whole impostor syndrome thing where I am super terrified that I am behind, and should be reading more because EVERYONE ELSE DOES. But it definitely helped me feel better that Ariel said she actually doesn’t read as much as we assume she does, and the rest of the book tubers agreed, they have other things (school, life) that prevents them from reading as much as we assume they do, and just because they’re on booktube doesn’t mean they read 100 books. So that honestly helped me so much. I sat there thinking, oh thank god! 

Right after the last panel Sammy and I met up yet again to eat because who doesn’t like food? This is relevant, I swear! As we sat down two girls sat at the table that was right next to ours and I turned because a voice was familiar and it was Ariel Bissett. I am SO bad when it comes to talking to people it’s sad, Sammy thought I was imagining things but seeing as I had JUST seen her at the panel I was pretty confident it was her. I wimped out of saying hello just then when more of her friends came because I am not adult enough for that many people. Also, I had no idea what to say?? However, after we left and hunted a spot to charge our phones we spotted her again and said hello, and she was the absolute sweetest! We also bonded over having curly hair because we need to stick together people! Who else could understand the struggle of maintaining a wild mane??  I was very glad to have left my cowardice aside to say hello. So if you run into Ariel Bissett in public chances are she’ll be very nice.

img_0397 *inserts image with Harry Potter backdrop because by now if you’re still reading you’re probably going “DAMNIT STOP TALKING”* but thanks if you’re actually still reading this long ramble 😀

We went back around just to say  goodbye to the magical world of Bookcon, and this year I didn’t hold back tears. It was very much like coming home, and in a way I felt good, because let me tell you, last year I was very sad to leave and almost shoved Sammy down the escalators because I didn’t want to cry in public. But we went back around, and he wanted to say hello / goodbye to Ron and Ed because they were his favorite part of the weekend honestly. Of course they were laughing at someone else, and oddly enough remembered us. Sammy being the troll that he is asked if he could get a free birthday spin on the wheel and ended up getting the free book -.-.  *Insert picture of signed copy here* Then we went to say bye and thank you for a few other people that we may have gone to a lot over the weekend. We may have made a specific booth our meeting spot, and thus they were used to seeing us, so we figured we could say thank you for their hard work.

Also, met this awesome (creepy) villain! This guy was amazing with his Joker laugh btw!

That’s our magical adventure in Bookcon 2018, it was intense, and exciting and amazing, I already can’t wait for next years!

Until next time homies!

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