Ben Ten Nostalgia

Ben Ten was a show that I made sure not to miss as a kid. My brother and I would go bananas for this show, I admired Ben for the goofy and reckless kid that he was as well as Gwen for being level-headed and capable of thinking things through (usually). I also loved their grandpa with his mysterious past and overall awesomeness, I mean really who’s grandpa would let their grandkid mess with alien technology for a whole summer and help said grandkid save the day? Not many that’s who.

If you’re not familiar with the show it starts with Ben Tennyson, his cousin Gwen and their grandfather go on a road trip for their summer vacation and end up on quite the heroic adventure. Ben, on night one, finds an alien ship containing a mysterious space watch (the Omnitrix) and allows him to transform and possess the powers of these aliens. Basically their entire summer becomes a heroic quest to save people from every-day things and also aliens who come out to try and rescue the Omnitrix for whatever reason. Not all of the aliens are bad, but also the thing is stuck to Ben and there’s not much he can do to get rid of it.

This fantastic show ran for four seasons and then had the spinoff series Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, Omniverse (forgive me if I  missed anything).

Now, it’s a nice show because:

  • It’s about kids (they’re like ten), so at the time when it came out I was over the moon because I was the same age and it was great to see a show where little kids like me could be the heroes.
  • Also, it had aliens! Which could be frightening but instead is super amazing because honestly I would have loved to turn into Diamond Head, XLR8, Heatblast, or upgrade.
  • They were actually kids! Like there were times when Ben would get really whinny (which no one likes, ever), but it just shows how much of an actual child he really is. Plus him and Gwen would just stick their tongues out and call each other dweeb, and they’d get grossed out by bugs, he’d play pranks on her, he was obsessed with sumo wrestler cards. It was seriously kids and their grandpa out on an adventure.s
  • Kevin 11. Okay so hear me out, Kevin was a homeless kid with freaky natural powers, and Ben kind of tried to be his friend because he thought he was cool. Heck, he even tried to recruit him on their crime-fighting spree. But the overall storyline of Kevin 11, his cool-kid / bad-kid to bad kid because now he wants power and vengeance, to being decent overall. I totally dig it. I’m a sucker for character arcs where people change and grow and things happen.

Currently, I am binge-watching the series on Hulu, so if you need an oldie but awesome cartoon, I suggest Ben Ten.


So let me know, did you guys watch Ben Ten? What shows did you love as a kid that you would totally go nuts for all over again?

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