BuJo and Organization Ramblings from a Lazy Person

So here goes a personal post guys… I apologize for the massive amounts of “?????” you may experience.

Confession: I SUCK at sticking to planners. I will forget them. My life is super duper monotonous and thus all that I end up writing is like “work”. I’m serious, I am OBSESSED with planners…but I do SO LITTLE with my life that it’s always like “what’s the point???” College was a good time cus I had at the very least, assignments, to keep track of so I had motivation and drive and a NEED for organizing my life.

Also, shout out to my cousin, Krystal, for getting me my first Passion Planner which was amazing and I loved it…butttttttt hahaha my life. It seriously ended up with me writing “work” on like 7am and highlighting it eternally until I had to go home and most days…that’s it.

Passion Planner is amazing basically and I could rant but I shan’t cus this isn’t even about that.

me on all things planners basically

I got off track again, nothing unusual.

Anyways, I’ve finally SERIOUSLY tried the Bullet Journal. It’s so pretty! Like I have obsessively stalked amazing Bullet Journal folks, like BohoBerry was seriously one I tried to stick to for an eternity and a half and I took notes on her posts when I first stumbled into her blog…but my life isn’t exciting. I was alone, no kids, or husband, or any normal things besides like work as I had JUST finished college. So I put it off… but NOW. I have to do things…or I just want to motivate myself into doing things to get to the places I want to be. So I started it a few weeks ago and I was setting it up yet again today and I figured I’d share cus now I realize it’s like a ritual.

So here goes my BuJo experience thus far. Okay kids?


I started trying again (consistently, please disregard the whole start of this exact notebook) on some Wednesday in February? Seems like it if I was dealing with hearts. So basically I just had myself a to-do list and random thoughts, hence the quote. Cus sometimes I have quotes or song lyrics come to mind and I think of my characters.



March started out WAY better. Mainly because I told myself I was going to be consistent and not scary and I was going to just try and organize myself. Especially trying to schedule in my reading and goals and stuff because I am super bad at doing things. Like seriously, I say I’ll do a thing but if there’s nothing pressuring me I probably won’t do it. So I went on the internet and found some layouts to try because everyone is skilled except for me on these cute layouts…so yes this one is totally borrowed if I remember where I found it I will tell you guys. Also, we were doing Dr. Seuss theme at the school I work at 😀 And I still used the days as things to do, because my life is a sham and I work so my to-do list is miniscule.




Then I tried to make up my own layout which was basic with LOTS of room for doodles because I have the attention span of a cactus and I can’t be bothered to actually THINK a lot. So most of my stuff needs to let me doodle. hence lots of blank spaces…also I just wasn’t sure what to do… But that week I was super motivated and I had just started working on a story and I was reading and it was exciting so I wrote those things down as mandatory to-do’s because it made me happy. Also I like to write things down when the day ends…if anything good happened. like my Monday that week I was proud cus I survived and didn’t shed a single tear at being in charge…and alone.



LOLS week three was me failing… a lot because monotony that is my entire life. I seriously just tried so hard to do things but failed…but also I took this picture right after I quit on the left page as I was doing the layout because I wanted to post but was ashamed so I didn’t post this image anywhere…until now. Woops, sorry past me.

Air and Kites theme by the way…hence the kites…img_5067


This one made me happy because I was so motivated and had so many things I was going to write even if I didn’t need to *cough* laundry *cough* I usually just do things like that. But I NEED to do my trainings and I postpone it so much because sleepiness kicks in after work. I am a really bad example of an adult…. Also my bullets have sub-bullets because why not?





April started out with me being in massive existential crisis mode so I tried a monthly page with monthly goals. It was meant to be super simple and space-y because I LOVE ❤ space. So I was doodling constellations and as the month went on I was going to just add new ones. Also monthly goals which again I took the picture immediately because it was going to just be a list of goals and some were kind of personal so enjoy the blankness. Imagine there are words there or something…




You guys, I am not even kidding I just really, really, REALLY love space. So week one = space. I tried to log my sleep that week…failed so badly. I actually realized after that week that my wake-up time was getting much better than it was that week which is good! Also Sunday and Tuesday were just notes of joy from the days they’re on. Conversations that made my days less dull.




I just really wanted to do shapes that week. Plus, IT WAS MY NEPHEW’S BIRTHDAY! So I wrote it down ASAP. Obviously.



Last week was one I was proud of, like extremely because I used so much room! Also I found a drawing challenge that seemed appealing BUT IT’S THE END OF THE MONTH BASICALLY. So I wrote it anyways because I could and it seemed interesting so I wanted to have it to do random doodles. Also, last week I was obsessed with drawing buns and backs…so that explains that.



Finally, the last week in April! I am keeping the meal plan idea because it helps me to you know, prepare meals. I need to prepare my lunches at least because eating out annoys me and it’s costly and I’m already poor. So the last few weeks I’ve just started trying to get food ready ahead of time. I’m still logging my reading, I just write page #s I manage to read to feel semi-successful. And of course my days are going to hold my to-do lists for the week. So like that ONE day I want to hang out with friends this week, if that happens and gets figured out it shall be written! Also…. DOODLE SPACE. Get all of the unused space for more doodles…just saying 😀


So there goes my Bullet Journal journey for 2018. I am so lazy, I am so bad at keeping up with my organization methods because….as I said before. It’s all WORK 

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I love my kids, but I have no life. Everything I do revolves around my work schedule which is just evil. But I also have zero time after work to do much, because I am like an old person and need to sleep lots so that I can actually semi-function. So I suck at doing things…that’s seriously it.

So let me know friends and foes, how do you plan your life? Have you gone through many different methods and failed like I have? Are you sad that a method didn’t end up being something you stuck to / couldn’t?

🌙 Have a great day or night, I have no idea what hemisphere you’re in! ☀️

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