Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

So, one thing I did. One massively GOOD decision I’ve made recently is to actually read this book as soon as I got it and I have zero regrets. At first I was like this is One trippy cover, so naturally I was intrigued.  Plus that title was like “mmmm okay let’s see what it’s about” and then of course I had to see what is this even about?? Oooh Shakespeare makes an appearance? Totally relevant. Except no, the actual Shakespeare wasn’t there but like one of his plays sure was, and one that I really, REALLY like: Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Anyways…that’s a weird way to get started talking about a book, maybe. I don’t know. I’m excited.

So this book. What did I think? One Emma Mills, you’ve officially got me 10/10 interested in any book you come up with as of now. This book was just SO good in my personal opinion. I loved the characters, I loved the relationships, and how simple and relatable everything and everyone was.


So we have Claudia aka Claud who is just this girl trying to live her life, socializing at school and hanging out with her brother and sister and her best friend since forever ago. She has this online game that she plays and uses to bond with her siblings, her sister being older and married and pregnant along with her husband play the game with Claudia. This is honestly SUCH  a good point in my book, because I LOVE sibling depictions in books. I love healthy sibling depictions in books. Seriously, Julia and Alex, despite being older than Claudia are still people, they’re doing their own things (obviously) and living life but they still connect with each other and I am ALL for that life. Also, Claudia’s best friend since forever, Zoe, plays Battle Quest and despite the two not going to the same school anymore they still maintain a very healthy friendship. Except for that one thing that we find out later on but it’s honestly all good so who cares?


Anyways, I love that Claudia is sarcastic and silent and so awkward. *Cough* totally me too in any awkward situation *cough* Seriously, sometimes I say things because they make sense in my head, but when I say them I beat myself up because what???? What??? Why would I say that??? I’m sorry I swear I’m not horrible. But it’s out there and sometimes people do give me a “what the actual hell??” look, and other times they laugh and decide they like me and we are friends. So it works? Plus Claudia’s parents seem totally chill and normal, they know Claudia isn’t a social butterfly but she gets along with people and is nice. I mean the girl goes awkwardly on the first day of school with her classmate, Caris, to give her boyfriend cookies. She doesn’t really know the boyfriend, but she agrees. It’s kind of awkward being there just to be there, and kind of third-wheeling it. But she does. She also doesn’t tell anyone about what she overheard between Paige and Iris. She doesn’t flip out on Iris for quite some time really and by then I’m sitting there like YES FINALLY! But still. What was this about? Right her parents know she’s sarcastic, a good student, and kind of a dork. It works. I just like to be shown a good and healthy family and I feel like they actually do have that going for them. It’s a nice


Now let’s talk about someone else I adore….Iris Huang. I was soooooooooooo annoyed by Iris at first. Then I realized…Iris is just so socially awkward herself! She and Claudia are dealing with their own awkwardness in different ways. Iris goes into monster mode as a defense mechanism and Claud is like “oh sure we can hang cool…I don’t know you but okay you want to talk I don’t know what to say but umm okay”. But then they both turn out to be awkward, and really dorky girls who can become obsessed with things. And THAT is how real friendships are born, amiright? I am. Seriously, it seems like nobody knows the level of fangirl craze that Iris has buried under the surface. Like, have you ever tried concealing your obsessive tendencies for something that you absolutely, 100% LOVE??? Because you want to share it with someone, but no one knows, no one cares?? And then when you find ONE person it makes you just SO happy! Oh by the gods it’s like you finally found a kindred spirit. Which is exactly how this friendship is born, and you know Claudia awkwardly standing up for Iris and the two always ending up with each other on everything.


Then of course we have the golden boy of the book because it can’t be YA without a love situation, right? Is that a rule? Either way, there’s a boy and he is precious and made of happiness and rainbows and pineapple-upside down cake, which I may or may not be craving at the moment, and of course, super soggy cereal. Yuck. But still. Gideon Prewett is a healthy dose of loyal, goofy, whacky, friendly, overly-hyped puppy in human form and I adore him. So much so that I totally named my bear after him. This bear right down there, my boyfriend brought him over and I knew he needed a name and the more I read this book the more I wanted to just hug precious Gideon so what else can you name a bear???? Gideon Prewett is from the start a huge question mark. Because Claudia’s initial perception is he’s well-known and well-liked all good, right? So you wonder if he’s all that great or the douche… I was SO happy to know he was perfectly made of sunshine and love. He’s so loyal to Noah, and when he decides he wants Claudia in his life he’s just extra precious. I mean he started to play Battle Quest to get to understand her better for Merlin’s sake! Seriously 10/10 we should all have a Gideon Prewett in our lives.



Honestly, I really like that the story is character-driven. I like that the story is about kids doing normal kid things. I liked that the problems and solutions were relatively simple and relatable. That the characters dealt with real and awkward life situations. It’s been far, far too long since I’ve read a book that was just nice and easy and real, and I am just overly content with this book.

I have to say 10/10 would recommend this book.

Let me know if you guys have read this book, and if so, what did you think of it?

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