Bookish Goals | 2018

Happy New Year and all that jazz kids, I hope your year has started out well and great! Mine has actually not sucked yet. Yay! I have no “resolutions” but instead I made myself think of goals for this year. Not anything crazy, not the personal ones or the career ones, or even the bookish goals. Nothing that I’ll be able to give up on easily. So without further ado, here go my 5 bookish goals for 2018.

1. I want to read classical Greek and Roman myths again. Gods I missed those things! THANKS UNCLE RICK I BLAME YOU.

(Also, I blame him for my now saying “gods” and other demigod lingo)

Seriously though, I had a class on it in college, and as a kid I just loved it and yes PJO and HOO has made me rekindle that flame. So here’s to hope. I had a book with almost condensed versions and histories of the gods and myths, and I’ll start with that  just in case I get lazy.

2. I gave myself a 24 books TBR in Goodreads. Why? Because I suck and I’m scared of failure if I set the bar too high, so I set it to 24 where technically if I do two books a month I’ll be set. But so far I’ve started out strong and am almost done with two books so yay! So for massive fear of falling into a deep slump, 24 books it is.

3. I want to finish HOO, catch up on Trials of Apollo, and read One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake because I HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS AND I HOPE TO HADES THAT THEY’RE ANSWERED! I have issues with the gods clearly, and it’s all Uncle Rick’s fault. No shame.

4. I want to read a space encyclopedia! Seriously it can be a kid’s encyclopedia for all I care, I just miss reading about space and the moon and stars. Like damn. I BINGED these things as a kid harder than I binge Netflix…which seriously is an unhealthy amount. Except I’m pretty sure that binge reading about space was actually healthier…?

5. I want to be able to push through the slumps. I haven’t been able to read properly in eons. But the thing is I miss it. Reading was part of me, my soul was fully invested in it. My entire life was about reading. Everyone that knows me, even now associates me with books…. And it makes me feel like a fraud, a total faker that fakes reading. Cus I kind of do?? I try. I do try, however, I hit slumps over, and over, and over again it’s like smashing into a wall that I know is there but also I keep running into it because I’m still blinded by the first hit and don’t do the math right and walk blindly into it….a lot.

So that’s it, five very minimal, low-key goals for reading this year. Even I can’t possibly screw this up especially since like two of them are just “attempt to not fail” reading goals. What about you guys? What goals or resolutions have you guys set for yourself?

2 thoughts on “Bookish Goals | 2018

  1. These are such great goals! I sooo love reading and also just reading about cool stuff (like space!!?) when I was a kid. Omg I literally devoured those Usborne encyclopedias and such. SO much goodness. Anyway I hope you keep reading fun this year and enjoy it a lot. 😀 (And all the Riordan books are AMAZING. 😍)


    1. Encyclopedias are amazing!!! I just wanted to go to space as a kid so I kind of just have to it’s been on my mind lately. Dude Rick Riordan gets stuck in my head and all I want is massive amounts of sass and shitty gods! Thank you so much!!


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