December 2017 Owlcrate Highlights

img_4191Owlcrate has arrived!! I am in LOVE with Owlcrate, it honestly makes my days better when it arrives, especially this time because it was friggin’ cold and gross and snowy outside. Which, I am not a fan of. Seriously, I should just move to the warmth. Anyways, it’s here and I am happy.

I always say I’ll post it (to myself of course, why raise anyone else’s expectations of me?) but instead I just end up spamming my friends on snapchat with videos of me flailing over the contents. Yah, yeah, I know, I am a child. But this time, I remembered and I am going to tell you guys what’s in it and why it made me happy.

Disclaimer: I am not saying that I am not excited about everything else, because I totally am, especially Foolish Hearts which I didn’t realize was written by Emma Mills so I know I have to read now. But these are just SOME of the things that I particularly fangirled over from the box.

The main highlights of this month for me include the awesome #HarryPotter tote bag yes! It has the “don’t let the muggles get you down” quote and it’s in blue and it’s so pretty it makes me want to go outside in the snow because the color would go nicely…but I won’t because snow is cold.


Also, let’s look at this magnet! Rick Riordan, anyone? Percy Jackson anything, anyone? I’m obsessed with anything demigods…you can totally NOT tell by seeing my Pinterest…like at all. So let me just tell you people, I am very happy to see another Percy themed item in my owl crate.

I also really love the card from Kasie West because it touched my touchy-feely, girly heart. Also, she totally made me want to read romances. I’ve been in a very romancy mood lately, sue me.


I have been going through a mental state of panic lately researching planners and ways to organize myself because I suck at it. So I was BEYOND ecstatic to see that Owlcrate sent me a booknerd planner! I didn’t even read the card at first so I opened it thinking it was a journal again.

But I squealed when I saw one of the pages for book notes and thought it was just a reading log…silly, silly me.

also excuse the sad emoji on my thumb because I underestimated the sharpness of a knife yesterday. woops?

It was better than that,  it’s an actual planner….for book nerds! So yeah I squealed for another two minutes. Luckily, owl crate clearly reads minds and knew I needed sanity. This planner is precious with it’s cute owl design *cough* totally thinks of Annabeth Chase *cough* and monthly calendar to be filled in by you, or me, whoever wants to do that. img_4210 Plus there’s weekly planners, and book logs, and TBR sections in the weeks and ummm….I NEEDED IT. img_4212

So yeah kids, these are my personal Owlcrate December highlights. Which things were you guys psyched to see?

Stay warm, everybody!






2 thoughts on “December 2017 Owlcrate Highlights

  1. Ahh I loved this month’s Owlcrate too! The journal made my DAY because I was looking for one to start listing my reading stats in and I didn’t know what to do and — bam. Owlcrate to save the day.😂 Plus isn’t that tote the cutest!?? And I’m so excited about the book too. 😍😍


    1. Same with the journal!! I am actually using it to keep track of the things I’m reading and *knocks on wood* so far I’m actually keeping up! It’s so simple and useful, and had that one awesome feature of books that I started to add stuff at the end of December because it’s awesome! Omg that tote, I used it as soon as I got it and was scared of anything happening to it! It’s so vibrant I love it! I actually started reading the book (takes me ages to get to my Owlcrate books so I’m proud it took me less than a month this time) 😀


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