Lion Art | Fire

I am obsessed with lions, they are my spirit animal and I am currently obsessed with drawing and or painting them. In this post I’ll just share my fire-mane love. I literally have been wimping out of drawing him for a few months now, and in order to get that out of my head because by the gods he has been haunting my thoughts so here he is! I’m proud of him honestly, because I fear creativity because the stuff in my head is like damn I’d be Picasso, but in reality it’s probably going to flop. When I make something I dig, I’ll show you guys I guess? 🙂



His mane actually didn’t suck!! yay! I am so proud of me 😀

Not going to lie I was happy to see how he came out initially…but the whole idea was fire breathing lion, because I like lions and I like fire…fire-breathing, whatever. The entire idea has been finalized annnnd here he is! 😀

First time I tried to make fire so it could’ve been worse, but I’m glad it doesn’t suck. 😀


So do you guys like to doodle? Draw? make a massive paint mess? Let me know!

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