A Letter to Authors I Love

Homies, today I wanted to talk to you guys about something very important to me. This is something that is too close to my heart to not be spoken of.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has things that we would like to tell our favorite authors and for me one of the things I’d like authors to know besides y’know I love your books and think you’re quite fab and your worlds make me forget that I am merely a worthless mortal with no magic or magical abilities *sobs endlessly*. So anyways the most relevant thing I can tell you amazing authors is ummm…. CAN YOU STOP KILLING JUST ONE TWIN??? WHY MUST YOU HURT ME LIKE THIS????

Yes Cassie Clare, I’m looking at you. You and Jo can smirk and rub your hands all maniacally in your cozy little torture chambers or wherever it is that people like you laugh at us mortals who want nothing more than safety for our babies. evil rubbing hands So yeah. I vote Stop Killing the One Twin 2017. Who’s with me??

P.s. Can Zara get her comeuppance in the form of daggers to the eyeballs and door hinges to the ears? That chick bugs me in a way Sebastian never really did and he killed my baby Max. (Oh yeah, still not over that one either. IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING) No one’s probably wondering but I’m actually really not over it so NOW YOU ALL KNOW HOW NOT OVER IT I TRULY AM.

Is anyone else suffering from “WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO OUR LITTLE FAN HEARTS?” tell me in the box below. Please let me know I’m not alone.

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