Everland by Wendy Spinale | Review


This is supposed to be a new take on Peter Pan and it just…well, it flops. I liked a few things here and there that were nice but overall it fell so short of whatever it was supposed to do. I just read this book and was shocked because I honestly DID NOT CARE. I admit it was a total cover buy but also it was a new take on a childhood favorite. Right? It was supposed to be different. It was supposed to be similar-ish but not the same. I was ready for not actually Peter Pan. But I just felt like this story tried so hard to implement the origin, it tried so hard to be different while also throwing it in your face that it wasn’t too different and it just irked me.


The characters were completely useless to me and I could care less for them. Gwen was okay I guess, but there was nothing really there that made me even remotely care for her. Sad really because I love me a good sibling story. But it just felt overall forced and that’s exactly how I read it, forcing myself into it. It was a story where Peter, err sorry Pete was this glorified Lost Boy who found all these Lost Kids and helped them survive and somehow they were all geniuses?


So basically there’s a virus that’s killed pretty much all of the adults in England and London has now been renamed Everland god knows why. Captain Hook is a young man/boy/baby with serious mommy issues. Seriously he doesn’t think without reverting to his craptastic childhood because mommy dearest was a horrible woman who stabbed out his eyeball. We actually get to hear this every time we get his perspective. We get it your mother, the now queen of Germany isn’t getting Mother of the Year Award anytime soon. But everything he’s doing is for her. To please mommy, to win her new lands. How the virus killing everyone is meant to help her takeover anything besides a wasteland is beyond me. Seriously, this woman released a virus on the country without thinking first “hmmm maybe we should have the cure on our side first so that we don’t die too…just kill my enemies.” She didn’t think that and now she’s dying too…awkward. So mommy’s boy is trying to take over the land and also find a cure so mommy will sing his praises…. or something like that.


The adults are dead but somehow you have a Doc who is a genius that went to medical school and has been treating the young kids that have contracted the Horologia virus. This kid has had a year to find ways to deter the effects of the virus. That’s fine. I can get behind this. HOWEVER, when Doc magically manages to create an antidote within like a day when Gwen steps into the picture it’s too much for me. I don’t care if you’re smarter than me dude, you went to medical school at the age of 12? cool cool but if no one else has managed and you just now got a hold of her blood because she’s the only girl immune to this disease there’s still no way within a day you can make the cure. No way. I’m no expert in medicine but I’m pretty sure unless he’s got some amazing medical equipment and some help there’s no way in hell he had the means to create the actual cure from that one blood sample. Not in like hours. They live UNDERGROUND so I kind of doubt he has all of the right tools. Plus it also bugs me that he takes care of hundreds of sick kids because HOW DOES HE HAVE ALL OF THE EQUIPMENT? Like is he reusing it? what about sanitation procedures? Are kids transmitting disease because of faulty/ unclean medical equipment? The Horologia virus is the actual bad boy of illness in this but what about every other disease that most likely still exists?


No one seems to have slept at all. That bugs me. The events of this book take place within  two or maybe three days, I can’t tell anymore because it’s one thing after another after another and there’s like no break or time to give a hoot about anyone.

I mean just when you start to like Bella and Pete’s relationship Pete throws a really random hissy fit and Bella storms out to face Hook and friends. Literally Pete is with Bella all the time, they’re pals, they love each other and protect each other but when Gwen shows up and Pete finally has a girl his own age somehow this newcomer clouds his judgment and he threatens Bella with exile. Umm what? Chill your tits, Pete you just met this chick. Plus she hasn’t showered in months. Just sayin’.

They also just throw in people and they don’t do anything particularly remarkable. Pete could have been way more amazing but he just fell flat. Gwen bugs me no matter what story she’s in, Doc is a myth, and although normally I like me a Captain Hook this whole whinny mommy doesn’t love me crap grinds my gears like nothing else and so I just made it through this book hoping everything would blow up or something. It never really made it into my heart unfortunately, but that cover still looks amazing.

So yeah there’s that unfortunate rant. Feel free to tell me if you’ve read this book and how you feel about it because honestly I’m more than just disappointed. I expected more from such a pretty book.

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