Three Dark Crowns | Book Review

Three dark queens

Are born in a glen,

Sweet little triplets

Will never be friends


three dark sisters

all fair to be seen,

two to devour

and one to be Queen

That’s it. That’s all it took to make me want to genuinely read this book and see just how bad it could possibly get. Because I was certain I was going to go crazy for this! This review is long over-due. So without further ado, here goes all of my crazy thoughts on this book.

So in Fennbirn the three triplet Queens are born and once they are born they go off to a different city at the age of 8 and start to be trained in their own particular magic: poison, elemental, and nature in order to face off against each other and kill their sisters for the crown. Easy, right? Inhumane but whatever, I don’t live in Fennbirn so I’m okay  I guess. So the reigning Queen’s people (poisoners, elementals, naturalists) grow stronger if the Queen is one of their own.

The chapters with Mirabella and Arsinoe were probably my favorites, as much as I enjoyed Katherine’s perspective I think I wasn’t as invested in her after a while. Arsinoe was going crazy trying to prepare for the Quickening and proving herself and Mira was trying to keep sanity thanks to her memories that kept creeping to the surface which definitely gives us the idea of the danger that that poses for her.

I think my massive bias is again in the works here because I love the way that 1. Mira is so loyal to the memories of what life was like when she lived with her sisters. I like that despite being the strongest of the sisters she is still so invested in not harming her sisters, to the point where she’d risk running away or attempting to run just so she won’t have to kill them. I love that Arsinoe and Jules are so close that they practically are sisters and that at a young age Jules and Joseph wanted to help Arsinoe so much that they risked their lives for her. Even Natalia who seems to be so cruel and heartless genuinely seems to care for Katherine. Her methods are a bit harsh and all I mean Katherine is all kinds of scarred from the poisons but she does seem hurt when Katherine is in actual danger.

Despite seriously enjoying this book I have quite a few questions that I am not entirely glad to still have even though the ending helped me in my desire to want to read the hell out of book two. So I need to ask these questions now even though I will probably never get answers…or at least not yet.

  1. How long has this island been under the whole “magical Queen” thing?
  2. How does having a reigning Queen with a certain magic actually help those with that particular magic?
  3. How long has the triplet thing been active?
  4. What about the Goddess? Is the Goddess a real thing in this world? Because Mainlanders think Fennbirn is a freaky circus with witches aka the Queens. Making it seem that there’s no magic in the Mainland.
  5. What about if there’s a trans Queen born? Born male gone female? Like at the beginning would they try and kill her like they supposedly did with the “weaker” Queens?
  6. How can you determine at birth that a Queen is the weakest of the lot?
  7. How does the reigning Queen know the magic each triplet has?
  8. Can I get a bit more history on this place?
  9. Does Katherine bitch-slap Pietyr? Because she should.
  10. The ending… so are there two of those Queens now or did the last Queen just screw up the kids’ lives?

So that’s basically how I feel about this particular book, I am actually kind of pumped to get my hands on One Dark Throne…I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. But I think I’ll survive. Have you read this book? What are your thoughts?

What the Hogwarts Houses Would Think:

Hufflepuff: Mirabella is so wonderful! She needs to not be brainwashed because that loyalty despite being split up for years and trained to think horrid things of her sisters is admirable. Same with Jules and Joseph those two are MVPs and Jules is totally a Hufflepuff a bit a la Tonks.

Ravenclaw: What about the rest of the world in this book? What up with the priestesses? Too many questions not enough answers.

Slytherin: Everyone here seems to be working by their own rules except  maybe like three people who will probably get screwed. Let’s get some popcorn and watch this whole island destroy itself with everyone doing their own thing.

Gryffindor: Should probably not grab Slytherin popcorn but totally will because everyone is just going ahead with their own thing which is funny but also quite bold at times. Except the Priestesses they’re just mean but everyone else at least seems to have a good reason for going off into their own thing, or at least by their own standards. They’re just trying to help their friends (Queen).

Alright, so let me know what you guys think


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