2021 Reading Goals

If you look around this blog you’ll know I SUCK at keeping up with it. Second, I suck at keeping any goals I set for myself so why do I set myself up for disaster? Because I can I suppose… and because I want to be better. I genuinely INTEND to read, and then share […]

Bookish Confessions

I get very, very annoyed these days (irrationally so, I know) because Anne with an E

Reading Get to Know Me Q&A

I realized just how little I actually talk about myself around here…and because this is my blog, and y’know, the world must therefore revolve around me I figured I should change that. So I decided to come up with 20 questions about me and my horrid reading habits. Because I can, obviously. So here’s my […]

Tempted Book Book Talk

Stop reading this right now if you have not read this book. This is not without spoilers… Warned you… I tried to not mention writing style and narration because as of now it’s pretty redundant and I just figured I’d skip it this time and go to the good stuff. I don’t want to always […]


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About Me

Hi, I’m Gissel, a lover of books and any bookish discussion. Join me in this blog while I try to talk about what books I like or dislike and the why’s of it all in as much detail as possible.

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