Amateur Photo Props

So, I’ve actually been keeping up with bookstagram this year…holy tamales! It has been partly due to focusing on a decent schedule and partly being excited for the overall image and details. I got it into my head earlier this year that I was going to use burned pages as props for my pictures…and I […]

Tilly and the Book Wanderers by Anna James

A magical adventure to delight the imagination. A curl-up-on-the-sofa debut from a uniquely talented author. Eleven year-old Tilly has lived above her grandparents’ bookshop ever since her mother disappeared shortly after she was born. Like the rest of her family, Tilly loves nothing more than to escape into the pages of her favourite stories. One […]

2021 Reading Goals

If you look around this blog you’ll know I SUCK at keeping up with it. Second, I suck at keeping any goals I set for myself so why do I set myself up for disaster? Because I can I suppose… and because I want to be better. I genuinely INTEND to read, and then share […]

Bookish Confessions

I get very, very annoyed these days (irrationally so, I know) because Anne with an E


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Hi, I’m Gissel, a lover of books and any bookish discussion. Join me in this blog while I try to talk about what books I like or dislike and the why’s of it all in as much detail as possible.

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